Aluminum formworks

The biggest cost advantage of aluminum alloy panel system is that it can be reused many times. Current standard panels can be used for at least 300 times. And at last, the damaged ones can be recycled and remelted for further use. Meanwhile, it’s able to save much cost on concrete, salt, water and mortar production, transportation, plastering labor etc since the concrete used on aluminum formworks have a high capability of forming shape and can be free of plastering. With the times to be reused, its economic benefit becomes more and more obvious.


Bring social benefit for using aluminum alloy panels.
Reduce timber consumption and protect forest resource.
Aluminum alloy panels can be recycled many times. In addition, it can be re-melted in the oven after its damage, which can reduce the waste of lumber to a large extent.

Save river sand and protect water and soil resource.
The concrete used on aluminum alloy panels has high quality in shape forming and don’t need to do plastering, which save much cost on concrete, sand, water, mortar production, transportation and plastering labor.

Care for life and focus on safety.
Realize safe and civilized construction with low carbon emission to reduce accidents on construction site.

Improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Use aluminum alloy formworks to improve construction efficiency and reduce energy consumption.