thermal-break door and window system

system consist of various type of structural system profile, which feature with the 2 major energy-saving type of technology which comply to EU-standard of insulation and America-standard injection. PMI offer the systematic design concept and solution for the door/window system and its component, include profile, glass, metal accessories, sealing, and other supportive accessories.


PMI offer various of environmentally-friendly type of door/window system, which fulfill the demand from each different market demand of excellent thermal-isolation, system-in-package technology and durability-proven. PMI provide the systematic solution service to satisfy several environmental requirement of different area, regardless the open-type or sliding-type. By the combination of good thermal-isolation, less complexity on the profile design and slimmer visible surface, the cost effective of the system is embedded, up-front of guarantee the system specification of environmental-friendly, water seal, air seal, air pressure etc.