conventional door and window system

The mating of the metal accessory and profile complies to EU standard of the Guider design, high adaptive of the metal accessory mating in the door/window system; PMI refer and complies to Japanese Oriental design concept in the water drain and air seal of the system, which makes the door/window better in water and air seal.


To match with the construction appearance design concept, PMI can offer various style and type of the door/window product, such as modern-type, classical-type, solid-type, romantic-type, clean-type and etc.

In order to provide the more environmental-friendly, conform and safer of modern living habitat, PMI continuously research and develop the door/window system to fulfill different market demand. PMI offer the complete set of profile design to complete the various type of system, from small to big section, from door to window, from push-door to slide-door and others more.