It is time to lighten the car weight.
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PMI has a good reputation and achievement though LEAN production and excellent operation since 2005. It's the 15th anniversary of PMI, PMI aluminum products have used in multiple fields with rapid update technologies in these 15 years. Following the pulse of times, PMI has made breakthrough progress in facility renewal, material development, product applications and sustainability development. A new era of aluminium extrusion applications is coming, we will create a special topic which called “A New Aluminium Era” to introduce our product applications and advantage. We are looking forward to walk with you in the future.

Car ownership has reached a record high, energy optimism is in rush.

Automobile has became the daily necessities in China where year 2020 car ownership has reached 281 million record by the Ministry of Public Security report. Fast development of automobile market has led to the upgrading of the industrial chain, particularly a group of new energy vehicle enterprises stood out and became the focus of market.

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Energy consumption and pollutant emissions will increase as the car ownership fast growing. Emission limits and measurement methods (phase 6) has been officially implemented on July, 2020. It is an administrative measure in order to reduce the pollutant emissions. In the other hand, China is taking great efforts to develop new energy vehicle industry. More and more automobile brands of new energy have got attention in the market.

Aluminium material applications will hasten lightweight progress of automobile.

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One of the key point for reduce energy consumption is to reduce the weight of car. It is trending to use aluminium as material for lightweight of automobile.

Steels always been used in car body and parts in the past & led to excessive car body weight. The effect is very obvious when use aluminium in automobile due to the density of aluminum is about one third that of steel. Aluminium is a high strength metal with excellent energy absorption performance & most widely used lightweight material. It is widely used for car collision beam system, car sunproof rail, bus frame, truck carriage etc. The new energy automobile industry is growing fast which trend car parts use aluminium, like battery trays and motor housing & large development space to be develop.

The aluminium’s recycling feature enable in reducing resource wastage.

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There is faster update frequency of automobile in these years will result the numbers of scrap cars increment year by year. Aluminium is easy to disassemble and 100% recyclable to reduce resource wasting and also help Sustainable Development.

PMI is working together with automobile manufacturers to build a new era.

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Aluminium extrusion products of PMI are widely used by world-wide well-known automobile brands. We supply car body system and parts to manufacturers & build trusts from them. In the meantime, we will cooperate with all manufacturers to lead the industry development by discuss about automobile industries’ leading aluminium application and develop all new materials and products.