Marine & offshore
Marine & offshore
Why almunium is called "The green metal at sea" ?
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70 percent of the earth surface is covered by the sea. It is 2.5 times the land area. China has over 18,000 kilometres shoreline and 1,000 inland waterway. The offshore and ship manufacturing industry will progress along with the growth of natural resources exploring and economic activities.

Aluminium application will improve efficiency.

铝创新纪元 – 它为何被誉为 “海上绿色金属”1.jpg

Main development direction is to improve energy efficiency both in ship manufacturing industry. As density of aluminum is about one third that of steel, using aluminium as material for lightweight of ship is the most practical approach in term of acceleration and velocity. It simply translates into longer maximum range while having the similar fuel consumption.

Marine and offshore facility will have longer life-cycle.

铝创新纪元 – 它为何被誉为 “海上绿色金属”2.jpg

Durability is important especially in large scale manufacturing. Steel has been used for metal material for marine and offshore facility in the past. However, due to steel properties the metal itself is prone to corrosion and oxidation. A protective film will be formed on the top surface of aluminium after ingress of air which acts as a natural protectant towards seawater erosion. Thus, aluminium products will have longer life-cycle compare with the conventional steel products.

PMI will further advance the development of aluminium application on marine and offshore facility.

As efficiency is the key point of world economic development, marine and offshore facility are expected to have a new round of revolution through emphasising of aluminium material application. Currently aluminium products of PMI are widely used at marine application at a global scale, be it helideck or high speed craft.

铝创新纪元 – 它为何被誉为 “海上绿色金属”3.jpg

The sea is full of endless opportunities. PMI will cooperate with all marine and offshore manufacturing enterprises to build a new era.